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    ST-B15APH 6H Automatic Seamer is a high speed seamer which specially designed for aerosol can closing. It has 6 sets rollers, Seam quality accord with international standard. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance. It is a excellent type of seaming machine.


    ◎Can body with driven spin lifter plates.

    ◎Proximity sensor for No can No cover system, low cover stacking detecting. safety auto-stop systems.

    ◎Speed control by inverter, easy adjustment.

    ◎All parts contact with can/lid are made of chromium plating or nylon, prevent scrape.

    ◎Can body pass through Nylon screw, jarless and exact.

    ◎With many safety auto-stop systems, operational safety controls are built for long life. 


    *Subject to change without notice.