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    It is designed to convey can bodies among each machines in a can making line.

    It is simple and durable, aslo can be easy change for lifting height and input or ouput.


    1.Range of can size:

    Can die: A: Φ52~Φ99 mm   B: Φ99~Φ155 mm

    Can height:39~200 mm

    2.Rransportation Speed:

       A: 100~500 cans/min(1.3m/sec)

       B: 100~250 cans/min(0.68m/sec)

    3.Lifting height:

       ① 3.5M

       ② 4.05M

    4.Motor model:

      A:① JWB-X0.37-80D;② WB120-WD-9-750

      B:① JWB-X0.37-80D;② WB120-WD-17-750

    Horse power required: tatal 1.12KW


    ① 840×760×3860mm (Lifting height 3.5M)

    ② 840×760×4410mm (Lifting height 4.05M)