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    ST-C3A(L) sanitary Seamer modified from model C3(L),can body feeding path from S type change to straight feeding, timing spiral feeding device and sensor for NC NC control made it more easy to connect with liquid filler. Suitable for wide range round cans seaming and simple for can size change over, adjusting, maintenance, and surprising in the quality and stability of the seaming effect, ST-C3A(L) Seamer win a reaputatino of mid-speed can Seamer.


    1、Very sturdy structure of machine, suitable for all round cans closing operation.

    2、Straight can feed path prevent liquid from splash, easy connecting with Liquid Filler.

    3、Easy for can size changeover and adjustment .

    4、Use Sensor for NC NC control.

    5、All parts contact with cans made up of stainless steel or bronze, easy for cleaning and maintenance. 


    *Subject to change without notice.