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    ST-B26F/B26G is able to cut standard tinplate into scroll strips which specifically supplied to Double Dies Press. Tinplate are send by the Feeding Machine ST-B23L. Tinplate would be economize about 6%9%, when using scroll strips instead of rectangular strips for can lid stamping. Simple structure and multiple safety devices, easy for operation and maintenance, change parts is easy, using life is durable.


    ◎Using vacauum cupule to suck tinplate, effect is exact.

    ◎Full auto-control for feeding tinplate.

    ◎Blades are made of top quality tool steel, through strict heat treating, compact and durable.

    ◎Side & front gauges adopted to ensure perpendicular & parallel cutting.

    ◎Central lubrication system adopted for the essential sliding parts.

    ◎With many safety auto-stop systems, operational safety controls are built for long life.


    *Subject to change without notice.